Influence stakeholders to make deep energy savings in buildings
a critical environmental strategy.
Make a bigger impact with defensible data grounded in
realistic human factors.
Develop the capacity of market providers to increase
savings on successive projects.
Educate and inspire change by engaging learners
in a vibrant training experience.

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Improved practices to capture greater energy savings

The Energy Center is conducting a study for the Minnesota Department of Commerce to provide insight and tools to increase the effectiveness of utility efficiency programs to properly install and maintain heating and cooling equipment in Minnesota homes. The project includes both market research and a field study. Read more.

Are utilities circling the wagons?

"The problem is that electricity markets are changing to more competitive and more market-driven approaches," said Steve Kihm, a utility finance expert at the Energy Center. Kihm and Elisabeth Graffy of Arizona State University say moves to raise fixed charges amount to a circle-the-wagons response by utilities. Read the full article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Training energy management catalysts

EDF engaged the Energy Center to design and facilitate a five-day boot camp for their Climate Corps program, an initiative that places MBA students in host organizations to identify energy-saving opportunities. We’re also providing technical advisory services to EDF’s Building Energy Initiative in Chicago. The program is featured in the summer issue of Sustainable Chicago.

Can utilities adopt opportunistic strategies under disruptive competition?

Rooftop solar leads a wave of disruptive competition for electric utilities that is grounded in innovations in technology, public policy, social preferences, and business practices. Regulatory protections cannot insulate utilities from these challenges. Leaders in the emerging environment will succeed by focusing on strategies that create new value for customers. Read our critical analysis of these emerging challenges in the current issue of the Energy Law Journal. We've also posted a summary of the article.

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