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Friday, Apr 25, 2014



Claire Cowan
Claire Cowan
Director of Program Design and Delivery

Steve Kihm
Steve Kihm
CFA, Director of Market Research and Policy

Joe Kramer
Joe Kramer
Senior Project Manager, Member Liaison for Xcel Energy, Alliant Energy

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image of MGA white paper and Wisconsin potential study

Recent publications on the potential for energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency and Customer-Sited Renewable Resource Potential in Wisconsin (2009). Prepared on behalf of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, this analysis determines the amount of energy use that can be displaced through efficiency programs and other initiatives.

Toward a More Energy Efficient Wisconsin (2010). This summary highlights several facts from the 2009 potential study.

On-Demand Webcast: Energy Efficiency's Great Potential (2009). Susan Stratton and Steve Kihm present findings that energy efficiency is justified not only on broad environmental and social policy grounds, but on economic grounds as well.

A Review and Analysis of Existing Studies of the Energy Efficiency Resource Potential in the Midwest (2009). This paper reviews the results from energy efficiency potential studies conducted in the Midwest since 2001 and analyzes them against our changing energy policy landscape.

Indiana Electric DSM Investigation (2009). The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission relied in part on the Energy Center as its independent technical consultant to establish a strong policy and program framework for achieving greater energy efficiency.

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