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Exploring LED lighting technology for facilities


Are you interested in LED lighting technologies, but faced with a barrage of claims and confused about how to get started? You are not alone.

In a brief introduction of LED technology and products the incredible amount of LED information available will be condensed into management takeaways during this webinar. We will identify where LED technologies are most likely to work well in large facilities and examine potential pitfalls. Simple energy
savings calculations to help justify and prioritize projects will be discussed and sources for unbiased LED information to aid in educated decision making will be provided. Join Liesel Whitney-Schulte to decipher LED fact from fiction so that you can take the next steps toward LED project implementation, saving energy and money at your facility.  more...

Prerequisite knowledge
To get the most out of this webinar, you should have a general knowledge of standard lighting technologies, know your facility operating hours and have access to your utility bills.

Cost FREE  more...

Credits  AIA | IACET | WI-DSPS  more...

presented by  Liesel Whitney-Schulte, Franklin Energy Services  more...


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