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Basic building science—a study of air, heat and moisture movement


Length: 84 minutes


Cost: $49

John Viner discusses the building blocks for achieving a high performance home. Adding and removing heat and moisture to the air we breathe is necessary to create a comfortable residence. Without a systems approach though, the outcome may not always meet expectations.


There are many forces at work that move air, heat and moisture through a home and into unintended places causing harm or simply poor performance. Determining the best design strategy is compounded by the variety of building materials to choose from and how their individual properties contribute to the transfer of these elements. John provides an in-depth review of the driving forces and transfer mechanisms of air, heat and moisture for an excellent overview of what creates a high performance home.


  • Explain the driving forces behind air, heat and moisture movement
  • Identify heat and moisture transfer mechanisms
  • Describe what creates an effective thermal boundary
  • Specify building details that address rain water management
  • Explain basic mechanical system interaction with the thermal envelope

Who should view this webcast?

Residential builders, contractors, remodelers, designers and architects, and homeowners seeking to understand the fundamentals of creating a high performance home


  • Define a system's approach to home building and remodeling
  • Review air, heat and moisture transfer mechanisms and driving forces
  • Controlling moisture within and outside the structure
  • Putting principles together to create a high performance building envelope
  • Understanding different ventilation system affects on building pressures


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This on-demand webcast is $49.

Monday, Apr 21, 2014


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