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Building the optimal customer-centric home: Envelope assemblies, mechanical systems and the sale


Length: 85 minutes


Cost: $89 for credit; free to view

Is your energy efficiency and sustainability message falling upon deaf ears? Join us online to learn how to reframe the conversation and discuss the concept of a perfectly efficient home. We'll focus on meeting your customers' lifestyle desires while using every available dollar to generate the greatest savings. The key structural and mechanical components of a home will be reviewed; and we'll explain how to analyze the options available so that you can help your customers make the right building decisions.  more...

Learn about Focus on Energy's New Homes Program

Cost Free to view, $89 to take quiz for credit  more...

Credits  AIA, ASHI, BPI, IACET, NARI, WI-DSPS  more...

Presented by Steve Romme, Partner, eFree Advisors, LLC  more...

"Building an efficient house does not have to cost more. You just have to know where to invest your money and, more importantly, where not to waste your money."


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Friday, Apr 18, 2014


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