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Subslab ventilation systems for moisture control


It is true—there is no single solution to combat moisture problems. Multiple systems are necessary to ensure that these issues are adequately prevented and controlled. In Wisconsin, subslab ventilation systems are rising in popularity and are earning a spot alongside damp proofing, proper grading and the installation of capillary breaks and thermal and air barriers.

Explore subslab ventilation system designs, proper installation methods and performance testing. Discuss Wisconsin energy code as it relates to moisture control and foundation insulation. Define issues related to finished basements including the nuances of a multifaceted approach and the need for continuous insulation under the slab and on the foundation. Review the effect subslab ventilation systems have on thermal comfort in below grade living spaces and the life of a home.


  • Describe subslab ventilation systems and proper installation methods.
  • Identify a variety of products designed to reduce moisture in and around the foundation.
  • Explain best practices for basement moisture problem prevention.
  • Test subslab ventilation system performance.
  • Identify various Wisconsin code requirements related to moisture control and foundation insulation.


Builders, remodelers, contractors, code officials, building performance consultants, architects, designers, home inspectors, building suppliers, building trade instructors, energy service professionals and students.


  • Introduction
  • Identifying problems and techniques to keep water away from the foundation
  • Product review
  • Subslab ventilation system overview, installation and testing methods
    • Foundation insulation installation
    • Basement slab insulation installation
  • Question and answer
  • Closing remarks and Better Buildings: Better Business Conference update


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Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014