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How Many Solar Panels To Run An Air Conditioner?

how many solar panels to run air conditioner

If you are trying to offset your energy consumption, the first place to start is your air conditioning. Air conditioner units and systems are among the biggest power users in your entire home.  Calculating the total energy consumption per unit, how solar energy and grid-connected homes can offset your power usage, and how many solar … Read more

Tesla Solar Panels Review – Legitimate Hype? Or Overpriced Rip Off?

picture of tesla solar panels on a roof

Solar panels are a great environmentally-friendly way to power your home. With the popularity of solar panels on the rise, you’ll find many companies developing solar panels that you can purchase. Tesla is just one of the companies helping people live a more sustainable life. The company is a well-known brand that’s associated with luxury. … Read more

How Long Do Tesla Batteries Last?


Whether you are interested in an electric car from Tesla or you’ve already got one, many people wonder how long do Tesla batteries last.  While battery lifespans may vary based on the specific model you’re driving and how you take care of the vehicle, here’s how long you can expect your Tesla battery to last … Read more

How To Get Solar Panel Quotes (and Get the BEST Deal)

solar panels quotes

In most cases, the biggest concern for those interested in solar panel quotes is the upfront cost. While many wish to be environmentally friendly and help reduce their electric bill, they need financial assistance now to do so. In this article, we will look at a few different factors when trying to make the best … Read more

Solar Panels on a Flat Roof??? Yes. Here’s How.

solar panels on flat roof

As renewable energy becomes more affordable, it becomes more and more ubiquitous. We have arrived at a point in time where it isn’t easy to cruise through just about any neighborhood without seeing at least one solar panel. While any building can benefit from installing solar panels, some people may wonder if their roof might … Read more

How Are Solar Panels Made? 

How Are Solar Panels Made

Solar panels have been extraordinary from their very conception. The idea that you can take energy from our sun and use it to create electricity is nothing short of a miracle! Inspired by the way plants use their leaves for photosynthesis, in the last hundred years, solar panels have transformed from a pipe-dream invention to … Read more

How To Get Solar Panels for Free?

How to Get Solar Panels for Frees

If you’re interested in switching to solar panels, you’ve doubtless seen a few companies promising ‘free solar panels.’ What they are basically offering is to install a solar energy system on your roof free of charge. But is this actually the case? Well, as the old saying goes, if something seems too good to be … Read more

Can Solar Panels Power a Whole House?

Can Solar Panels Power a Whole House

Solar panels are a huge investment and can allow any home or building to step into the 21st Century in style. On top of the energy benefits, they can save you thousands of dollars a year in costs off your bills. However, they’re not cheap and you’ll want reassurances that they’re going to do the … Read more

Best Off-Grid Inverter That You Can Buy Right Now

Best Off-Grid Inverter

Are you looking for a new off-grid inverter but aren’t sure what the best one is? Perhaps you are about to realize your dream and move to an off-grid life but don’t know which inverter you need? Or maybe you are curious and want to know more? Whatever your reason might be, we have the … Read more

Best Portable Solar Generator That You Can Buy Right Now

Best Portable Solar Generator

Are you one of the many people who don’t own a backup energy source for when your home experiences a power outage? Or maybe you are concerned about finding a power source when you’re going camping in the middle of nowhere. Otherwise, you’ll be left without a working phone. It can be difficult to find … Read more

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