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Energy Efficient Homes – Building Design Trends Happening Now

THE ECONOMY IS RECOVERING, more people are remodeling or building new homes, technology is rapidly evolving and laws are changing. You need to stay ahead and this is the place to do it.

Better yet, the Energy Center of the World features nationally-recognized expertise and education to drive building and retrofitting energy efficient homes that help you meet todays demands for better, healthier homes through quality construction and energy efficiency.

It Starts With Your Homes Blueprint

Home Sizes Are Shrinking

Consider Pre-manufactured Modular Homes

Green Construction Materials

Your Lands Lot Makes a Difference

You Need a Cool Roof

Go Solar

Interior Insulation Matters

Highly Insulated Windows and Doors

LED Lighting Is The New Standard

Geothermal Heat Pumps for the Win

Energy-Efficient Water Heaters

Purchase Energy Star Appliances and Electronics

Use Smart Technology

Don’t Forget About Tax Credits and Incentives

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